I was born 2 May 1972 and grew up in, among other places, Galten, Gellerupparken and Hasselager close to Aarhus and, from when I was four years old, Viby J.

Already at the age of three or four, I loved to sit in front of my parents’ bookshelf, where I wrote down the text from the spines of the books on a piece of paper.

I was enrolled at Rosenvangsskolen in Viby and later I graduated from Marselisborg Gymnasium.

Reading and writing was a large part of my life as a child and a young woman. That is, when I was not hanging out at Aarhus Riding Hall on Marselis Boulevard.

The riding hall, which no longer exists, was a place of large contrasts.

There were people from the heart of central Aarhus, from the villas nearby and from out in the country. The common ground was their interest in horses. There were old and young, rich and poor… My sister and I were in the last category, and we became good at earning rides by working hard in the stables or by helping the wealthy people, who did not really have time for taking care of a horse.

I learned incredibly much about people during those years.

Although horses were my big interest, it was not horse books that I hauled home from the library as a child. It was crime novels especially by Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christie, and I also read Lademann’s Lexicon from end to end, because I thought it was entertaining.

I spent a lot of time in Viby Public Library and the Main Library in Mølleparken.

After some years with various jobs in Denmark and Wales after gaining my high school diploma, where I considered becoming an archaeologist, ornithologist, cosmetologist or studying English at the university, I ended up sending an application to the School of Architecture in Aarhus in 1996 and was admitted.

I completed my studies as an architect in 2002. But the rate of unemployment for architects was sky-high and on top of it I was expecting my third child, so I began writing again.

I wrote late at night, because I had become the mother of three and was renovating an old house on Mols.

That is where I live to this day, and the landscape of the national park Mols Bjerge has greatly influenced the world of the first book I got published in 2011: ‘The Nesslands 1 – The Legend of the Shield of Querqus’.

Later ‘The Nesslands 2 – Victims of the Winter War’ (2014), ‘The Nesslands 3 – The Carpenter’s Secret’ (2015) and ‘The Nesslands 4 – The Realm of Asaph’ (2017) were released. Also, in 2016 I had the children’s series ‘Brothers of Blood’ published, which has also been published in a British English version.