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“Somebody succeeded in manipulating the powers of the Annitempora.” Radulfir met her gaze. “They are the spirits which rule the cycle of nature,” he added.

She nodded.

“Their power was used to call down a curse on Lucili,” he continued and rested his hands on the saddle. He lowered his voice. “Her body follows the cycle of nature, as if it were a plant, and it has done so for about two hundred years,” he explained. “She is born, sprouts, blossoms, then withers and in the end, decomposes and dies. Year after year. When she dies, her warriors put her remains in a coffin with earth and wait for spring.”

Oona gasped. That was what she had seen on Three Peaks. She had seen Lucili die … But only to be reborn.

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With a slam, the door closed behind her, and she resisted the urge to turn around. Her stomach cramped, and she clutched the sword hilt tightly while staring at him.

The Day Dreamer clicked his tongue and shook his head in the hood of the cloak. He spat on the floor and continued writing without looking up.

“You won’t have any use for that here,” he hissed.

She furrowed her brow.

“The sword,” he said.

She studied the goose feather in his hand. The nib scratched against the parchment at if it wanted to cause it as much pain as possible. She gasped as she noticed his hands, which were the only visible part of his body. 

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Oona suddenly noticed that she was pressing the Firewand against the spine of the book. The blackened letters which spelled her father’s name had begun to smoke, and sparks flew from the end of the Firewand.

Vivien had stopped beside her.

“Oona,” her voice sounded. “What’s happening?”

“It … It’s my father’s book,” whispered Oona, not able to pull the wand away from the book’s spine. She felt paralysed; that if she pulled the Firewand away, her father would disappear forever.

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Every corner was empty; empty of the shadow which had gathered before him. Instead they were bathed in an unnatural, shimmering light, as if the moonlight had taken the shadows’ place.

Dolomedes fell silent and stared at the tall mass of black, impenetrable shadow which towered above him in the street.

“You are not Mengiel … Son of the People of Light,” said a voice from the darkness. “Speak … What do you want from me?”

Dolomedes felt the hairs on his neck stand on end. The demon’s voice was low. However, it still felt like it forced its way through his flesh and bones like a dull sword. 

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‘Brothers of Blood 1’, page 26:

BoB1, page 26

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Brothers of Blood 2′, page 43:

BoB2, page 43

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‘Brothers of Blood 3, page 20:

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Brothers of Blood 4, page 7:

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‘Brothers of Blood 5, page 20: 
Bob5, page 20


4 out of 5 stars for The Nesslands 1!

‘… I love the universe and I think Eva Egeskjold has some completely fantastic ideas: I love Lucili’s curse – how the seasons have an affect on the castle (Lucili) and the greenhouses – that there are bog women represented among the characters. It is extremely interesting to read about and very vividly described.  Accordingly, the worldbuilding ends up being very credible and it was as if I were physically participating in the story …’

‘… The Legend of the Querqus Shield gets my highest recommendations. It is a very captivating and evocative beginning of a fantasy series, from which I have great expectations. I look very much forward to continue my reading and immerse myself into this exciting and magical universe …’

‘Bare ét kapitel mere’, August 2019


4 out of 5 stars for The Nesslands 1!

‘… The language is highly one of Eva Egeskjold’s strengths. It is rich, detailed and filled with impressive descriptions, all senses are on edge, and the worldbuilding crawls under your skin. Reading this book is a delight. The whole universe just goes the extra mile, down to the slightest detail …’

Eva Lucia Music and Literature, July 2019

5 out of 5 star for The Nesslands 2 – audio book!

‘… Yet another chapter from one of the best fantasy novels of our time …’

Mofibo, January 2019

5 out of 5 stars for The Nesslands 4 – audio book!

‘… What a film, one could create from these books! Magnificient audio …’

Mofibo, April 2018

Thanks to ‘Sus’ Bogblog’ for rating ‘The Nesslands 4 – The Realm of Asaph’ among her top 10 reads in 2017!

‘… Seriously. If you have not yet got acquainted with this series, you really ought to! This series gets better and better by each volume, and this is the most fantastisc ending of an awesome story. The ending is perfect, highly satisfying and makes you want to re-read the whole story. It is unpredictable, suspenseful and actionpacked! Highly recommend! …’

Sus’ Bogblog


Thanks to ‘Læsehest med Fantasy’ to place me on her top 10 of her danish favorite authors.

Læsehest med Fantasy, April 2018

6 out of 6 stars for ‘The Nesslands 4 – The Realm of Asaph’!

‘… Eva Egeskjold has created a tremendously exciting and captivating fantasy tale. Therefore it is quite frustrating, that the tale has now ended, and I am to find another series to fulfill my need for books. But it will be difficult to find new books, that are able to match the same high quality as ‘The Nesslands’, which is in a league for itself. This series covers all parametres regarding to literature …’

 ‘… Above all the language is clear and readable. It is filled with details, and covers a wide category of age. There is something for everybody. The story focuses on different themes balancing nicely between romantic and nasty episodes. It is refreshing, that this is not just a series for boys or girls. It is suitable for both genders. Actually it is a ‘kick-ass’-story containing so much profundity and dimension, that this is almost as scary as Eva Egeskjold’s ability to describe scenes of blood and creepy insects. It is also very cool and impressive, that Eva Egeskjold does not mind being mean to her characters. This offers another profundity and fascination, which is seldom introduced in stories where good defeats evil …’

De Unges Ord (translated: Words of the Young), April 2018

5 out of 5 stars for ‘The Nesslands 4 – The Realm of Asaph’!

‘… One of the best literary works I have read for a very, very long time! …’, March 2018

5 out of 5 stars for ‘The Nesslands 4 – The Realm of Asaph’!

‘… An absolutely fantastic series! …’

Mofibo, March 2018

5 out of 5 stars for ‘The Nesslands 3 – The Carpenter’s Secret’!

‘… This story contains no places to take a break! It is swift, strong, thrilling and overwhelming – I have to read volume four straight away. It is a long time ago, since I read a series containing this number of cliffhangers! …’

Mofibo, March 2018

Fantastic review on ‘The Nesslands’ series from #nerdytreats, who has developed a recipe inspired by Eirics ‘sour faces’:-)

‘… The genious behind this dessert is the little boy, Eiric Kinsgood, who is the little brother of the main character, Oona, in Eva Egeskjold’s sublime fantasy tale of ‘The Nesslands’. The fabulous, intense fantasy story and its well conducted mythology reminds me a lot of older fantasy like Tolkien’s. Earlier, I have refered to Eva as our  J.R.R. of today, since her universe – still being unique – in some ways reminds of a Norse Middle Earth …’

‘… The series is inspired by old myths, legends and old wives’ tales. It is full of terrifying, magical creatures, which I found absolutely fantastic. Furthermore most of the characters are extremely interesting and well described …’

‘… In general the story gets more and more exciting, rough, dangerous and stained with blood as it moves on. Especially the third volume, ‘The Carpenter’s Secret’, was so captivating, that I could read hundreds of pages forgetting all about time and place …’

‘… I am really impressed by Eva Egeskjold’s fantasy work (and her creativity regarding to the different kinds of horrors comitted by the Radix people). In my opinion this series is an absolute ‘must-read’ for all fans of the fantasy genre, who love to disappear into a story for a very long time …’, March 2018

5 out of 5 stars for ‘The Nesslands 2 – The Victims of Winter War’!

‘… Fabulous once more! A brilliant continuation! I started reading volume three right away! I could not let it go! …’, March 2018

Terrific Instagram review on ‘The Nesslands 1 – The Legend of the Querqus Shield.’

‘… I really love this series that brings you deeply into another world from the very first page. Eva Egeskjold is our J.R.R. of today and her stories are just as epic, well described and credible towards their world building as Tolkien’s ‘Lord of The Rings’. In her stories you are just being given the ekstra bonus of following the journeys and rebellion against evil executed by a female kick-ass protagonist …’

#nerdytreats on Instagram, February 2018

5 out of 5 stars for ‘The Nesslands 1’!

‘… A stroke of genius for modern fantasy …’

Goodreads, February 2018

6 out of 6 stars for ‘The Nesslands 3 – The Carpenter’s Secret’!

‘… It is hard to accept, that a fantastic story is coming to an end with only one more volume to go in the ‘Nesslands’-series …’

‘… The most incredible thing about this series is, that Eva Egeskjold has developed such a tremendous plot, which runs across three extremely lengthy books. At no time, the plot becomes weak or astray, which is really impressive. Especially when you know just how much action each chapter contains. On the other hand, the action seems slow, which makes you immerse yourself completely in the story’s universe. This is a very nice feeling and clearly confirms a very well conducted world building, in which the reader can spend hundreds of hours. The story offers a lot of small details, that build up the characters – not just an issue, that needs to be solved …’

‘… This volume is the best of the three (so far) …’

De Unges Ord (translated: Words of the Young), February 2018

The newspaper, ‘Politiken’s’ reviewer Steffen Larsen recommends ‘The Nesslands’-series to be one of the best YA reading experiences in 2017!

‘… the Nesslands-series keeps its pace and still offers excellent fantasy-reading …’

 Ereolen, January 2018

5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads for ‘The Nesslands 4 – The Realm of Asaph’!

‘… The plot is very well put together, filled with twists, which makes it hard to predict what is going to happen next and impossible to let go of the book. It is exciting, action-packed, full of magic, romance, family, secrets, intrigues, dubious alliances, treason, violence, war, atrocities and the struggle for survival …’

‘… The author’s use of nature and its forces in building the plot as well as the universe is fantasic …’

‘… The universe is original, different, sombre and absolute magical and I am sorry to let it go, now the series has come to an end. The characters are convincing and subtle and especially the main character, Oona, has evolved extremely throughout the series. From an innocent girl to become a strong, young woman, taking responsibility for her actions and being able to make difficult choices, even though they put on a hard strain to her conscience …’

‘… I really liked the idea, that the author is not afraid to be mean to her characters – or to let them be mean to others, for that matter.  And that applies to both heroes and villains. It makes the characters human, and simultaneously it points out the terrible consequences of war: everybody gets affected and even innocent people can commit atrocities to others if they are under hard pressure. But it is also the adversity, which makes people rise again and gives them courage and strength to change whether it is for good or for worse. It is very well spotted and composed …’

‘… The Realm of Asaph is a terrific ending to a terrific series. The story is original, magical and rough, the universe is extremely well constructed, different and fascinating; the characters are vivid and nuanced. Have you already read the first volumes you will not be disappointed. Are you not yet acquainted with the series, I recommend, that you do …’

Læsehest med Fantasy, december 2017


6 out of 6 stars to ‘The Nesslands 1’!

‘… On the very first page, I was reminded of “The Shamer’s Daughter”. And you know it is going to be good, when a book can remind you of a bestseller from the very first page.

It is not just that it is similar to “The Shamer’s Daughter”. In some respects, ‘The Nesslands’ actually surpasses it!

Yes, I surprised myself too, because I am a loyal fan of Lene Kaaberbøl. But now she has found her match …’

De Unges Ord (translated: Words of the Young), November 2017

FANTASTIC review of ‘The Nesslands 4’ from Bogrummet!

The reviewer gives FIVE out of FIVE stars and writes among other things:

‘… We have reached the end and the author has done it again. She has written a fantastic and breath-taking last volume of the Nesslands series …’

‘… It is phenomenally well-crafted by the author. A fantasy series which everyone should know of …’

‘… Because everything is described really well, you feel that you are present in this fantasy world. This world which has so many facets. It is compelling and intense. Entertaining and thought-provoking. Everything at once. And the author deserves great praise for it …’

‘… I am a fan, and I hope that someone someday will take a closer look at this series, because I am sure that it would both make a good cartoon and feature film. But it would be a large project …’

Bogrummet (translated: The Book Room), November 2017

Review of ‘The Nesslands 4 – The Realm of Asaph’. FIVE out of FIVE stars on Goodreads!

‘… What a book!!! Eva Egeskjold has done it again! I have been waiting for a long time to read the last book in the series, and damn, it was worth the wait. I was engrossed from the first page, it was just so exciting, incredibly difficult to put down and also nerve wracking. The book is full of action, and the descriptions in the book are fantastic, and multiple times you find yourself wondering what might happen in the next chapter. After having read the book, I almost feel like I participated in the battles and followed Oona and the others through each of the challenges they met on their way. “The Nesslands” has definitely become one of my favourite series, and I really hope to one day hear more about the world. All in all, I loved the book and recommend it to everyone who loves a good book …’

Goodreads, October 2017

Reviewer Steffen Larsen, Politiken, about ‘The Nesslands’ 1+2+3+4:


 October 2017

First review of ‘The Nesslands 4 – The Realm of Asaph’ is a full house!

Five out of five stars!

‘… It was a long and winding road to the end, full of surprises – the kind of surprises which leaves you gaping and staring in the very best way …’

‘… The third book was really nerve-wracking and this one was just as exciting, if not more so …’

‘… You can constantly follow all the plotlines and characters as they approach the point where everything fits into a larger whole, and it was super cool and super exciting! …’

‘… It is not easy, and there are plenty of bumps in the road, expected and unexpected, and until the very last page you are kept on the edge of your seat. It was really fantastic! …’

‘… It was the perfect ending, exciting and nerve-wracking and full of fantastic characters … Everything I had hoped it would be …’

Sus’ bogblog (translated: Sus’ Book Blog), October 2017

Great review of Brothers of Blood!

‘… Fantastic fantasy story which is extremely exciting and easy to read …’

‘… I read all five books in a row, and they captivated me from the first page …’

‘… The story about Bjarke and Laust is cool to the max, and if the Danish film companies feel like throwing Brothers of Blood onto the cinema posters (because yes, it could EASILY live up to that!) then I will definitely buy a ticket …’

‘… As you know, I do not give out stars, but since I mention film adaptation and so on, it is probably not difficult to guess where I would place it on a scale …’

Drengetiltjenestse (translated: Boys at your service), Instagram, July 2017

Wow, just look at the reviews of ‘The Nesslands 1+2+3’!

‘… If we begin at the beginning, then I absolutely loved the world of the Nesslands. It’s original, magical and filled with interesting creatures which really make the world come alive. The story of the Nesslands is also well thought out, and the magic system seems logical and consistent. That is, to the extent that magic can seem logical. I especially liked the inclusion of the seasons and Lucili’s curse, which does not resemble anything I have read about before. It is a good idea and it works really well…’

‘… The plot is well planned and like the Nesslands very original …’

‘… Oona’s love of her family is what motivates her, and the way she reacts, when she finds out what happened in Muldness, is depicted incredibly well …’

‘… There is no doubt that I have to begin reading the next volume at once. If one loved the first volume, one can only be disappointed about the book ending. The book and the series have my warmest recommendations…’

‘… What a story! The third volume of the series is packed with action, and again the author delivers a well-thought-out plot with plenty of twists and turns, which surprise the reader every time …’

‘… If you loved the first volumes of the series, you will not be disappointed, because the book is almost even better than the predecessors in the series …’

Læsehest med Fantasy, January 2017

Great review of ‘Brothers of Blood’ in Weekendavisen!

‘… Another epic and action-packed adventure from Eva Egeskjold has seen the light of day. “Brothers of Blood” is a really good place to start, if you would like to begin reading fantasy. It is easy to see yourself in the heroes in the book, who must fight for what they believe in to save their families and the kingdom. The text is easy to read with many dramatic illustrations. If you liked “Sværdets mester” by Mette Finderup, you’ll certainly like “Brothers of Blood” …’

Weekendavisen, 11 November 2016

Impressive review of ‘Brothers of Blood’!

‘… Eva Egeskjold has with her son and his friend written a superb series for boys (and adventurous girls)…’

‘… It’s a good idea and seldom seen …’

‘… A breath-taking, innovative story with a low LIX number. Since it has been translated into English, the story can also be used in English class …’, October 2016

Five out of five stars to all five volumes of the ‘Brothers of Blood’ series from Bogrummet! The reviewer writes among other things:

‘… Would be really good as a project in school or as homework, since it is certainly a series which can keep you hooked. It is well-written and exciting. It is also a series that adults can read, because although it is easy-to-read and has a simple style the entire layout is just so splendid …’

‘… It is beautifully illustrated which is something one can commend the whole series for. And the series develops well with excitement and adventure …’

‘… A series for elementary school children practicing their reading skills, and which I absolutely recommend. So read, read, read! …’

‘… It is a really well-told story which you are constantly looking forward to finding out more about …’

‘… I would recommend this book anytime but also the series, since it is not only nice to read but also beautiful to have on your bookshelf. A series that you should not miss! …’

Bogrummet, September 2016

Exclusively positive librarian assessment of ‘Brothers of Blood’!

‘… A really good, well-written fantasy series … short sentences, dramatic and explanatory illustrations … exciting story … nice layout …’

‘… A series which will be extensively borrowed from the library. Recommended for both public and school libraries …’

Librarian assessment, August 2016

Really good review of ‘The Nesslands 1’!

‘… Well-written …’

‘… It is obvious that the author has put a lot of thought into her world-building …’

‘… Currently, I have only read the first volume, but I am definitely also going to read the rest, because although it is written for young adults, I was also intrigued by the story of Oona and the Nesslands …’

Himmelskibet – magazine for fantasy fans, July 2016

An impressive five out of five stars to both ‘The Nesslands 1 and 2’ from Saxo!

Among other things, the reviewer writes:

‘… The story of Oona from Muldness is compelling and well thought-out. A lively cast of characters and an interesting world provide the framework for a classic fantasy story …’

‘… The second book about the Nesslands is a hugely exciting story, which is driven by fantastic battle scenes and a tremendous development of the book’s protagonist …’, July 2016

The first review of ‘Brothers of Blood’, which will be published 12 July 2016!

See covers on the ‘The Books’ page

‘… A storyline that keeps the reader on tenterhooks: two young heroes fighting for their lives in a world at war; castles and corridors, forests and monsters, paintings in blood and deep dark magic. ‘Brothers of Blood’ is a tour de force in this popular genre; join the brothers on their quest for justice! …’

Edward and Hanna Broadbridge, June 2016

Five out of five stars to ‘The Carpenter’s Secret’!

‘… Five enormous stars. I was done with this book in no time and really loved it. I cannot wait for the fourth volume of the series; it cannot be soon enough. The third book in the series about the Nesslands definitely does not disappoint and there is lots of action and adventure. Eva Egeskjold is definitely on a par with other Danish fantasy authors like Josephine Ottesen and Lene Kaaberbøl, whose books have a special place in my book-heart. I recommend this series 100% to all fantasy booklovers I know …’

Review on Goodreads, May 2016

Great review of ‘The Nesslands’ in Weekendavisen!

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the Weekendavis’ brilliant reviewer, Emil Blichfeldt, who has reviewed ‘The Nesslands 1+2+3’ honestly and, fortunately, mostly positively 😉

I am happy that the largest praise went to the last two books, which I chose to publish myself!

Among other things, he writes:

‘… The first book took me a month to read, while the second volume is much more exciting. The book becomes especially compelling, when things heat up between Oona and the bestial prince. I read it in a week. In the third volume, the epic battles and love drama overflow…’ ‘… It becomes hectic, when this epic fantasy sets all sails, so that action, love and a fantastic world all come together. I read volume three in a day. I want volume four now! …’

Emil Blichfeldt, Weekendavisen, May 2016

Five out of five stars to ‘Victims of the Winter War’!

‘… This book was amazing! I loved it, couldn’t put it down …’

Review on Goodreads, May 2016

Four out of five stars to ‘The Nesslands 3 – The Carpenter’s Secret’!

‘… After having read ‘THE CARPENTER’S SECRET’ I am just not at all ready for the story to end with the next book. I am torn between longing for the next book and being sad that there will not be any more. I am not at all ready to let go of the Nesslands, Oona, Sigmon and all the others. I’m not ready! …’

‘… Since we are so far into the series and so much has happened in the plot, I have to be careful with what I say so as not to spoil anything. But oh Wow! This book was so intense! So many things happen and it is so nerve-wrecking, and I was wringing my hands and biting my nails during most of the book…’

‘… One of the best things about this series is that the story is both nerve-wreckingly exciting and very slow. By slow, I mean that when you read the book, it feels like you disappear into it for ages. It is the same feeling I get when I read Harry Potter: That I have spent a whole year at Hogwarts when I turn the last page. It is the feeling that you really get to know the characters …’

‘… THE CARPENTER’S SECRET was definitely the best book of the series. It was just so exciting, compelling and fascinating, and I could read many hundreds of pages in a go and lose all sense of time. I am still not really a fan of the Radix; however, I am a fan of everything else the series has to offer. I am actually quite sad that it will all end in book 4, because I am not quite ready to let go of the Nesslands yet …’

Review from Sus’ Bog Blog, March 2016

Four out of five stars to ‘Victims of the Winter War’!

‘… Wow, it was nerve-wrecking! In the best way possible! …’

Review on Goodreads, February 2016

Four out of five stars to ‘The Nesslands 2 – Victims of the Winter War’!

‘… The first book was good, but this one? Wow! I feel like I have been on a lifelong adventure with Oona …’

‘… It was SO difficult to put it down. And it was really, really good! …’

‘… In this book I really bonded with Oona, and during the book I felt I was her. Oona is so cool! …’

‘… So many things happened, and although the book was long I was sad that it was over. I did not want it to end! And that is a really good thing! I love the world of the Nesslands and all its small details. Things like oviswolves which are literally wolves in sheep’s clothing? It is just so great! …’

 ‘… VICTIMS OF THE WINTER WAR was so much better than its predecessor. Book one was good, but this one was epic. It was a fantastic journey with Oona though the magic and diversity of the Nesslands, and I loved every moment of it …’

Review from Sus’ Bogblog, February 2016

Three out of five stars to ‘The Nesslands 1 – The Legend of the Shield of Querqus’.

‘… It is actually a pretty brilliant world we are introduced to. It is based on old myths, legends and old wives’ tales. For example, bog women are real which I thought was excellent! I love this different fantasy universe with mystic beings shrouded in rumours and mystery. So cool! …’

Review from Sus’ Bog Blog, February 2016

Five out of five stars to ‘The Nesslands 3 – The Carpenter’s Secret’!

‘… Oh, so many things happen in this book. It is exciting and a little bit scary. One is once again drawn into the magical world, and the story soars as one reads, since one does not need much imagination to picture the surroundings in Oona’s world …’

‘… It is a developing story, and the only thing I can sort of compare it to is Harry Potter. Which also begins with a child protagonist and which follows his development as he grows older. So there is a lot of potential for a series which can be adapted into a film later …’

‘… If you have not yet read the Nesslands series, then I can only say that you have to get started! …’

Review from, January 2016

Four out of five stars to ‘The Nesslands 1’!

‘… Danish book by the new author Eva Egeskjold. This is a new fantasy trilogy (tetralogy, red.) and this first book was really good, I would compare this to the work of two other great Danish authors that are amazing, Josefine Ottesen and Lene Kaaberbøl though it’s not quite the same level but it’s getting there and I’m looking forward to reading the next two (three, red.) in this series, especially after the cliff-hanger ending. The story is well-written and I liked the heroine and other characters a lot …’

Review on Goodreads, September 2015

Five out of five stars to both ‘The Nesslands 1 and 2’!

‘… It is the first book in the series about the Nesslands, and it is really exciting. Grim and in-your-face with plenty of battles, blood, war and victims. Adventure and magic…’

‘… Incredibly captivating. I look forward to reading the next book in the series …’

 And about ‘The Nesslands 2’:

‘… We are in the middle of a blazing war. There are battles all around. Friends as well as enemies die …’

‘… If you have not come across ‘The Nesslands’ before, I can only give my warmest recommendations to begin to get to know it …’

Review from, May and July 2015

Ten out of ten stars to ‘Victims of the Winter War’ in all categories!

‘… WARNING! This one is even better than the first book in the series, and one becomes gripped by the story and desperate for the third and last volume (there are four volumes in the series, red.) which will not be published until 2015! Do not say that I did not warn you! …’

‘… The first book of the series was good, but this one is fantastic! I am so excited about this second volume and I MUST have the ending. Now! The story in this book is constantly exciting. Every time a problem is solved, two new problems appear, many of the core subjects of the story are reached, and one just cannot get enough. This book has my warmest recommendations; however, one should read the first volume first to get as much as possible out of the story. The story is, like the first book, well-composed and thought through. I would even call it a masterpiece. I am going to read it again! (And that is something that I seldom do!) …’

Review from Bookeater, August 2014

Excellent librarian assessment ofThe Nesslands 2 – Victims of the Winter War!

Not a single negative word in the assessment of the second volume!

The librarian writes among other things:

‘… An impressive continuation …’

‘… An impressive debut …’

‘… Depicted very convincingly …’

‘… Extremely well-written and captivating …’

‘… A well described fantasy world …’

Extract of the librarian assessment of ‘Victims of the Winter War’, July 2014

‘… An exciting fantasy story about the Nesslands, The Legend of the Shield of Querqus. The fourteen-year-old Oona is the protagonist, and according to an old prophesy she is the one chosen to save the people of the Nesslands from their archenemies the Radix. We follow Oona on a long and dangerous journey. I think that there is a good and vivid description of the many strange and different people and places which Oona visits …’

Review from Palles Gavebod, January 2013

 Excellent review on The Nesslands 1 from ‘The School Library’!

‘… the story is superbly created: Big and well-kneaded, as a baker might say. The language is nice and tight, and it is obvious that she has spent time on it …’

‘… On the Nesslands’ homepage, Eva Egeskjold writes that the Nesslands are strongly inspired by the national park “Mols Bjerge” on Djursland, and it is impressive, creative and remarkable that a landscape can generate such a magnificent imagination as can be found in Eva Egeskjold’s novel …’

‘… It is, as mentioned above, a ‘rule’ in fantasy that a child/young person has to go through fire and water in order for society, the world, to continue. Is that the message? Does it relate to reality in that we so-called adults/elders are dependent upon young people so that society, the world, can continue? The reader must wait for Eva Egeskjold’s answer in the next two volumes (three volumes, ed.) of the remarkable tale of the Nesslands. I am hooked! …’

Extract of the review of ‘The Legend of the Shield of Querqus’, February 2012, by Bent Rasmussen, editor of the journal ‘Skolebiblioteket’ (School Library)

‘… The book is well-composed and the language is varied and eloquent …’

‘… The author has a good grasp of the genre, and has written the first volume of a seemingly ambitious work of fantasy with many of the genre’s classic elements …’

‘… A promising beginning of a fantasy tetralogy …’

‘… The plot is satisfying, and the expected elements from the customary fantasy world are present. I am looking forward to seeing how the work will develop …’

Extract of librarian assessment of ‘The Legend of the Shield of Querqus’, 2012

Nice reader review on ‘The Nesslands 1’!

‘… I heard about “The Nesslands” from a colleague, who read it, among other things, because she had heard that Mols Bjerge inspired the landscape in the book, which is right in my neighbourhood …’

‘… I have read a good deal of fantasy books and was eager to find out what new fantasy beings could be thought up, and I was not disappointed. Eva Egeskjold has invented many new beings which also seem slightly familiar. For example, I can draw a parallel between the Radix and the 9 Nazgul inLord of the Rings, and between the People of Light and the elves in the same book. However, the Sea Gliders are new, and so is Madam Myrica …’

‘… The plot is exciting and still familiar with a heroine, who at first does not know much about the world around her and her own abilities, but who, with the help of others, must fight to save the world which she is a part of. Eva Egeskjold has succeeded in creating a new world, which I look forward to reading more about in the coming volumes …’

Lise Fornitz, a reader review, 2012

‘… A warm recommendation: ‘The Nesslands’ is a mysterious tale in an original, sensuous world. The novel is filled with newly invented, magical beings, which in surprising ways make the incredible possible.

A really great reading experience; I look forward to the continuation …’

Author, Karen Filskov, a reader review, 2012

‘… I have not finished the book yet, but as soon as I began, I could not put it down! I can easily recommend it! … :)’

Reader review from Gucca, February 2012



Reviewer, Steffen Larsen, (‘Politiken’) recommends ‘The Nesslands’- series  to be one of the best YA reading experiences in 2017. He says:


 Ereolen, January 2018


15-17 November, Bog Forum Copenhagen

14-15 September, Esbjerg Fantasy Festival

27 April, Hiking in Mols Bjerge – Background stories of the Nesslands in cooperation with Syddjurs Libraries and Museum Østjylland


15-16 September, Esbjerg Fantasy Festival

19-20 October, Herlufsholm Fantasy Book Convention

26-28 October, BogForum in Copenhagen


31 May, judge at the Syddjurs championship of reading aloud.

16-17 September, Esbjerg Fantasy Festival.

Release of The Nesslands 4 – The Realm of Asaph, Saturday 16 September

20-21 October, Herlufsholm Fantasy Book Convention.

10-12 November, BogForum in Copenhagen.

Translation by Beatrix M. G. Nielsen and Eva Egeskjold




More specifically, at the international school in Hamburg! A great big thank you to the librarians down there for believing in the books and taking them in 😉

October 2016



The publishing house Andersen & Vig will have a stall both days, Friday 21 October – Saturday 22 October.

I have been invited to do an interview during the festival.

Portræt 2015


The program is now available! See you in Esbjerg in September 😉


Once again, the publishing house has a stall at the Fantasy Festival in Esbjerg, 16-18 September 2016.

I have been invited on stage to talk about ‘The Nesslands’, and I am really looking forward to it!

Afterwards, there will be a book signing 😉

See you in Esbjerg!


In celebration, I am having book signings the following days and places 😉

Tuesday 15 December, at Kristian F. Møller, Store Torv in Aarhus, 4 pm – 5 pm

Thursday 17 December, at Salling on Strøget in Aarhus, 4 pm – 6 pm

Friday 18 December, at Kvickly, Østerallé 16 in Ebeltoft, 2 pm – 6 pm


7-8 March 2015 the publishing house Andersen & Vig will have a stall at the fantasy festival in Esbjerg. I will be there most of the time, so come and have a chat, get your book signed or grab a free reading sample.

Or what about participating in our competition, where the prize is the first volume of ‘The Nesslands’?

See you in Esbjerg!


A new fantasy series, primarily for boys, is underway. It is expected to be released some time during 2016. The series is called ‘Brothers of Blood’ and consists of five volumes.

It will be illustrated by the talented illustrator Iona Brinch.

The series is inspired by the friendship between my own son Bjarke and his good friend Laust.

The boys are both protagonists in the story and their real names are used. They are depicted as faithfully as possible.

Also, they have both helped me compose the manuscript.

More information about the release is on its way.

JUNE 2014

Two books were published in 2014:

The second volume, ‘The Nesslands – Victims of the Winter War’, was released Tuesday 10 June 2014 by the publishing house Andersen & Vig.

The same day, the second edition of the first volume, ‘The Nesslands – The Legend of the Shield of Querqus’ was released.

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I will give a talk at Hadsten Højskole for the school’s pupils Tuesday 28 October 2014 from 11 am to about 12:15.


In week 32 2014 Saxo will, for the first time, hold a summer school for hopeful, young writers in the five largest cities of the country: Saxo Forfatterspireklub (translated: Saxo Young Writers’ Club).

I have been asked to teach in Aarhus, and of course I accepted. The course is directed at 11 to 18-year-olds who love writing and would like to become even better at it.

If the course is successful, we plan to continue it once a week in the autumn.

The course will be held at Hasle Library.

I will put up more information as soon as I receive it.

Read more at:


Saturday 28 June 2014, I can be found in Arnold Busck, Købmagergade 49, 1150 Copenhagen K.

It will be from 12 pm – 3 pm. Come and have a chat, grab a free reading sample or buy the books and get them signed!


The publishers will hold a book reception Friday 20 June 2014 at Trangbæk Bøger og Papir from 4 pm – 6 pm.

Come and have a chat, get your book signed or grab a free reading sample. There will be snacks from Café Laurits, which is in an extension of the book shop!

I look forward to seeing you!


Follow and participate in the lottery to win a signed copy of ‘The Nesslands – The Legend of the Shield of Querqus’ on Sven Damgaard Ørnstrup’s blog.

The lottery will run until 31 January 2013!

Sven’s review of the book can also be read there.


I am participating in Herlufsholm Fantasy Convention and will read aloud on the Saturday! See you!



The program for the ‘Vild med Ord’ (Wild about Words) festival 2012 in Aarhus Riding Hall is now available!

I am holding a presentation about ‘The Nesslands’ from 13:25 – 13:55

I will see you in the Riding Hall near the end of Aarhus’ festival week!


The program ‘På Tomandshånd’ (One on One), where I talk about ‘The Nesslands’ to Signe Ryge, can still be watched on TV2 Fyn’s homepage.